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Jen North releases her ethereal and atmospheric alt-pop debut EP ‘In My Dreams'

Jen North symbolises the next wave of pop with her debut EP ‘In My Dreams’. Wielding an ethereal tone, she pulls upon threads of indietronica and hyperpop to curate an otherworldly sound. The 4-track collection teases listeners with a diverse, experimental offering that is sure to please fans of The Japanese House and Charli XCX.

Having performed since the age of 13, she has instilled a love and passion for music that hasn’t escaped her since. Growing up in the Shropshire countryside, she has always fantasised with the idea that music can send you to another place entirely and has channelled this energy into making meaningful and relatable alt-pop songs in a world full of meaningless ones.

During her school years, Jen’s dyslexia hindered her academically. However, this difficulty encouraged her to take an alternative approach when songwriting, giving her a creative advantage. This has resulted in Jen seeing songs as an emotional collage rather than a set story with a beginning, middle and end. As such, her music seems to capture a feeling that is not restricted by language. She glues together words and phrases that should usually fall apart, creating a unique metaphorical perspective. And so, like a dream, Jen’s music favours emotional connection over direct sensemaking.

Loaded with airy synths, echoing drum pads and her unmistakable voice, ‘In My Dreams’ is stunningly unique. Jen uses vocals in a fascinating way, she applies her voice as an instrument, letting it bend and warp its way into the music. The EP’s title track, also titled ‘In My Dreams’ perfectly showcases this, immersing the listener with a vocoder effect that is reminiscent of Bon Iver. Midway, the song breaks into a gentle acoustic passage commanded by Jen’s stripped-back and intimate lyrics. In contrast, ‘Say’ is a melancholic song in which Jen’s voice sits within a soft, pillowy backdrop. The tune is atmospheric and cloudy, letting us peer into Jens calm, relaxed aura. This easy, laid back personality is at the core of the EP and is something that distinguishes Jen from the rest.

Jen is looking to push female artists to take centre stage and with such a powerful body of work, so early in her career, it’s clear she is capable of doing so. This is a beautifully written and produced EP by an artist who has so much ahead of her. With ‘In My Dreams’ releasing December 2nd, all ears are on Jen North.

Describing her latest release, Jen North says:

“What do dreams sound like? That was the question I kept in mind when creating this EP.

Dreams have always fascinated me, they’re a fantastical world where lost lovers can return

and entire lives can be lived whilst time stops just for a second. They can leave you overwhelmed with emotion, you can cry and dance all in the same night


I want to make songs that capture this. There’s a few tracks that make me feel this way: ‘Gone’ by Charli XCX and ‘Dionne’ by The Japanese House to name a couple. I hope that people feel the same when they hear ‘In My Dreams’ - like walking dreamers.”


“The title track is super important to me. It emerged from the idea that even when someone is gone forever, you can still find them in your dreams, which is comforting. It's about those moments between the pain, where you find solace and hope.”

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