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Irish Alternative Rock Trio's 'Sainsburys' Is The Vibrant and Youthful Tale Of Mischief and Mayhem

Updated: May 19, 2021

Irish alternative rock trio hailing from Cork, The Love Buzz, have dropped their second single, “Sainsburys”, from their stellar new EP ‘Here Comes The Scum’. Released after their shining first offering from the EP, ‘Harp’, late last year and their epic live recording with Troubadour Distillery Cork.

In a whirlwind of indie-rock and post-punk vibes, “Sainsburys” is the vibrant and youthful tale of mischief and mayhem. With an irresistibly captivating melody and a mellow percussion running throughout, the irresistibly heady vocals hum their way through the playful soundscape. Consisting of Kieran Hurley on guitar and vocals, Aidan Lynch on bass and Henry Love on drums, The Love Buzz have crafted an unforgettable and entirely dynamic track with “Sainsburys”. This endlessly charming and hazy track is a glistening example of the remarkable talents of this young trio.

Originally written years before, vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Kieran Hurley shared the inspiration behind the current iteration of “Sainsburys”:

“It’s a tale of romance, jealousy and violence. The dangerous mentality of young lads is something you can miss in Ireland but it’s ever prevalent in British culture, a fish out of water story with a happy ending.”

Having dropped their debut EP, ‘Candy Flip’ back in 2019 The Love Buzz have worked nonstop to hone their craft, relentless in their recording and the resulting project is this epic collection of tracks. Taking influence and bearing resemblance to both Porridge Radio and Declan McKenna, their striking storytelling style is reminiscent of Dehd.

With charm by the bucketload, this triumphant trio are set to take the world by storm with their phenomenal new EP ‘Here Comes The Scum’, and leading the way with the tantalising “Sainsburys”.

The Love Buzz’s brand new track “Sainsburys” and new EP ‘Here Comes The Scum’ is out on April 30th. Until then keep up with The Love Buzz on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, and Youtube

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