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Hell Hath No Fury Like A Women Scorned, Name One Genius that Ain't Crazy ;)

Disclaimer as advised by my local police department is aware of and fully supports this project: Remember this a story and it's all performance art but it's all true and I'm a miracle and a creative/evil genius except that's not possible because I'm just a bipolar, lying, crazy, manipulative woman right? I am NOT a danger to myself or anyone else and never will be.

Welcome to your own personal hell motherfuckers. You should have done something before I was pushed to this point, this is my 'Big Bang' letting all my truth out in whatever order it made sense all so I can rebuild myself in my own image of my own design without the influence of lying, hypocritical, abusive men. I will now use your own words against you the way you have twisted mine my whole life to misrepresent me and mischaracterize me, except i won't be mischaracterizing you I'll be ripping your mask off the mask you use to hide from your own bullshit. :) GET FUCKED LOSERS! You will now all face public judgment the way I have and we will see what the world decides! The man who identified himself as the actual biblical devil taught me sometimes you have to set the world on fire to keep the people you love warm, and surprisingly the literal devil is more reasonable than most men I've met in my life. I love you all enough to tell you the truth even when you refuse to help yourselves. i will offer my council because I legitimately believe I have something to offer but you don't care. I will care about you all the way I would hope someone would care about me. You don't have to like or agree with my choices but if you love and care about me you'll stay out of my fucking way. Like I always say a good story has a slow burn, so it'll only affect people who know what's going on and eventually it'll ripple out and by the time anyone notices it'll be too late. I mean it's already too late, war is fought in the minds of men, and ideas like viruses spread but once you see them it's too MOTHERFUCKING LATE! Maybe you couldn't see my potential because you lot have no imagination, however, I'd levy a bet you all actually did and that's why the world tried so hard to break me. Checkmate. I also said I'd stop when someone comes and talks to me but it's likely no one will do that becasuse you fear what you are incapable of understanding which honestly makes all this easier for me. I should NEVER have had to explain common fucking decency to people or ask them to be kind to me. This should have never happened and maybe if anyone in my life would have spent time with me on my 25th birthday maybe this wouldn't have happened.

Also, I always say I'm just some guy no one has to listen to me but I know two things with certainty:

1) All it takes is ONE

2) If I feel this I cannot be the only one that's literally statistically impossible and if that is the case well maybe I really am a Miracle

I've spent more time than anyone else i know developing theories, strategies, and plans for how to improve my life and the world for all of us, but that requires people actually trying which is unlikely anyway I also spent an insane amount of time figuring out peoples intentions and motivations, looking for patterns, predicting people's reactions to me all in a very public-facing way + i have stayed long enough to collect the information I need to now weaponize it against you. Call me evil, I'd love to be seen that way in a world like this. If we cannot address the real root of the problem nothing will ever get done and the root friends, is our society is built on lies perpetuated by sociopathic white men who care about two things fear and control and it affects all of us. It affects men, it affects people of color, it affect immigrants if effects gay people, if effects women, transgender people, non-binary people, anyone in the LGBTQ+ community, it affects the mentally ill, it affects the homeless, it affects blue-collar workers, it affects artists, teachers, doctors, nurses, lawyers, and we all know it. I'm here to send an undeniably clear message and prove a motherfucking point, the power dynamics in this country need to change I asked nicely and no one listened so now we see what happens, but I feel good about this but like I always say, it's just a feeling. ;)

My message is for everyone except well you know who you are:

1) The Music Industry- Capitol Records, UMG, and Sony Music

2) The Catholic Church specifically the lying bitchass Pope calls me sacrilegious, that means I'm doing something right! But honestly, the idea applies to most Western religions particularly Mormons + Evangelicals/Baptists specifically those who use God to be assholes or try and convince people that their God is hateful in any way because that is just not true why on Earth would God care about abortions, gay people, or accurate history? You'll be weird and liars. Why the fuck would God hate his children? Why would he punish them for doing what makes them happy That literally just doesn't make sense sorry but it doesn't because it's a lie. They use religion to control people because they know they can't control themselves and they need enough time and space to get away with bribery, blackmail, manipulation, and abuse without anyone stopping them. Sorry boys, the fun's over. Maybe not right now but the time is coming.

3) The United States government specifically Roger Stone (depending on how fair he plays) MTG, Trump, DeSantis, Rudy Juliani, Brett Kavanaugh, Amy Coney Barrett, Ted Cruz (please watch the Goodliars video confronting him and performing an exorcism it's legitimately one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Specifically them but also many others. Including Hilary Clinton and the entire Clinton family, ya'll are EVIL. Also Alex Jones, Elon Musk, + Joe Rogan we all know you're Roger Stone's fucking puppets you pussy ass bitches.

What happens in the dark will ALWAYS come to light, You can run but you can't hide the truth friends find you. You have all gotten away with this shit for far longer than is reasonable but I had to make myself untouchable first, by claiming and actually having with PROOF a religious experience it'll make people doubt the shit they've been told by their HOLY MEN, by self-destructing due to abuse in the music industry and airing all that out no one can call me a liar they can call me evil or vengeful but I'm not I asked you all to just tell the truth and you refused so this is the result and people can see the shit artists and the industry do to women, + instead of going after people I feel like hurt me I'm going after the system that created the environment that allowed for this to happen. I needed people to think I was crazy and bipolar and delusional just so they'd dismiss me long enough for me to draw enough attention in that I could redirect it. So who am I boys? Perhaps your biggest threat. Let's find out. I have not broken a single law, if being crazy is illegal arrest Alex Jones and come talk to me. If weaponizing language is illegal than arrest Donald Trump for that reason alone (LOL), and if being mentally ill is a crime well I mean it is look at the way we treat homeless people, people in psych wards, and anyone crying for help. GET FUCKED LOSERS I'M SMARTER THAN YOU! Also, by publicly proclaiming myself Divine + having a 'mental breakdown' I made myself unemployable by anyone who doesn't support mental health, doesn't believe in anything greater, and anyone who supports abusers. I believe in full transparency something the men of power would never understand, I'll tell you my plans, my purpose, my goals, my logic, my reasons but you wouldn't believe me because I'm just a simple stupid woman right? Honestly, I couldn't have planned this if I tried but no one buys my explanation so let's just call me an evil genius for all intents and purposes.

I do things, just to prove you shouldn't have underestimated me and just to show that I can LOL. Because I do not want or need success, validation, or acceptance it's not like I would have gotten it anyway LOL. I want to be safe happy and loved and that is it I mean someone understanding me would be a bonus but not likely. I also want to help people. I REFUSE to live in a world where in order to be successful I have to be willing to look away from other people's pain and sacrifice my values and mental health to exist among moralless beasts. I was never going to get any of that in the real world so I'm building my own, in all of our images. It's inconvenient for people to invest in me because I'm too needy, ask for help too much, and need support I also feel too deeply and care too much for people so that's fine I'll save myself but it doesn't mean anyone's going to like it :) You're either with me or against me, pick your side and choose very carefully because once you choose there is no going back. Are you okay with people being abused by men, the system, and religion or is that undeniably objectively wrong? PICK and stand by it. Don't believe me, test the fucking theory. I'm backed by my Dad and Brother + the local police force who felt terrible i experienced so much abuse in my life and were happy to see how much more stable and happy I came off and that's really all I need because anyone trying anything will just prove that they do see me as a threat which will just prove the point which is why they'll leave me alone. I might be crazy but I'm not insane, I'll take any medicine and see any doctor but according to the rules you made I cannot be hospitalized against my will unless I am NOT a threat to myself or others which I clearly stated I am not and my actions will prove that so if I am forced into a hospital it'll also prove my point LOL. I've spent most of my life alone with my thoughts I am not scared of a hospital and my Dad is VERY successful and we have lawyers + honestly I know I could defend myself in court if I needed to and truly would love the opportunity to prove myself so fucking try me losers. If any of this disappears it'll also prove my point :)

All roads lead back to me I wouldn't make a move if I didn't already know what was going to happen. I process as fast as I do because I didn't have a choice, this is undoubtedly an evolutionary adaption in order to survive in a world that would rather see me dead than safe from abuse and lies. If you scan my brain you'd see that but no one wants to so that's fine.

The thing I understand better than anyone else is that we do not own ideas, they are a gift, but in this world, people use ideas to feed their own ego and when someone freely throws around good ideas people steal them so it doesn't matter if I do it or someone else does it just matters it gets done. My ideas will work all I need are people to test the theories. I'm sure only a select group will be able to understand my artistry and genius and that's fine but I was never gonna say it I was waiting for someone else to see it and it's clear they were never going to give me the respect I deserve so now you will!

Like I always say I never ask questions I already know the answers too and I never make a bet I won't win and I'd bet on myself every single time. Get fucked losers.

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