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Glaswegian Artist Leif Coffield's Dark Single Tackles Obsession, Infallibility and Idolisation.

Updated: May 19, 2021

Glaswegian alt-pop artist the ever fresh, courageous, and wonderfully weird, singer-songwriter Leif Coffield is a game-changer. His new single ‘Just wanna be strange’ is a dark yet energetic Pop track, with hints of Billie Eilish style vocals and instrumentation alongside minimal percussion but a groove layered bass line. The deep and sinister vocals perfectly juxtapose the dance vibes of the music itself and encapsulate the theme of the lyrics- obsession, infallibility and idolisation.

Produced by himself, ‘Just wanna be strange’ is about “The feeling of obsessing over somebody, and the notions of infallibility that come along with it. In an age where we are so driven by the idolisation of celebrity status, 'Just Wanna Be Strange' aims to portray the perspective of the obsessor. Often times we idolise those we see ourselves in, or see ourselves with, and it's not difficult to think of someone with fame or celebrity that we haven't adored simply because they seem 'quirky' or 'weird', and that it's a travesty-debt owed to the universe that they haven't become friends or lovers. This song represents that. All of that.” Leif explains.

Like his surroundings, Leif describes his sound as, “cold, dark and broken.” - all of which translates seamlessly into his music. Undoubtedly one of the most ambitious names in the UK, he patches enormously affecting lyricism against superb pop moments.

Having picked up the guitar at eight years old, this songwriter has always utilised music as a means of processing life, and the world we exist in. He is driven by a Billie Eilish-esque kind of sinister spirit, lulling listeners into an electro-infused, bass-heavy dreamland that’s beautiful; woozy; and often heart-wrenchingly chaotic, all at once.

His artistry has only enhanced with each release. Having gained support through the likes of BBC Radio 1, BBC 6 Music, BBC radio Scotland, CLASH and CLOUT magazine, it’s no surprise that this dark-pop artist is turning heads as he focuses on forging a new lane for his musical ambitions as an independent artist.

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