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The Future Of Chicago Arts + Culture (Delivered In A Vision from God or Something Insane Like That)

Did I experience a miracle, perhaps but more importantly I know like a ton of stuff and I also have a plan but it requires everyone's participation. I have explicitly stated the rules, if you don't want to play by my rules don't but don't engage with me or my people then. You're either with me or against me and many of you have already made that choice. Stay the fuck out of my way. Also on a brighter ntoe, is anyone down for a World Fair REVIVAL? I heard it's about to be 1933 all over again, but ABSOLUTELY no genocide or nuclear weapons or violence of any nature. I say let's do the Ye, Chance summer 16' but BIGGER. Underground Apex x Ye x The Black Panthers(?) Coming to OUR city this Fall. To my friends all over Chicago, Welcome Home! Let's Celebrate! Can someone make sure Ye, Chance the Rapper, Elaine Brown, Brandon Johnson, Cole Bennett, Noname, and Drea the Vibe Dealer see this?

Note: 'Eden' is always open to friends, and you know if you are not my friends, so feel free to stop by but make sure you bring something to exchange ;)

My Blacklist is LAW. No exceptions. That involves absolutely no working or personal relationship with anyone on the list. Names are added and removed at my convenience.


1) Centering marginalized voices

2) Community engagement

3) Creation, celebration, worship

4) Radical truth and joy as a form of civil disobedience


1) Bring free + accessible art/music to under-resourced areas

2) Highlight and promote third spaces

3) Develop a positive working relationship between the city + community activists and thought leaders.

4) Promote independent online news sources ran BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE


-1) Spiritual-based Music Collective:

Alright hear me out, I'm gonna take the Ye approach and introduce 'God/Spirit' into popular music, however 'Spirit' looks different to everyone and worship involves honoring yourself and your truth. I want to create a space for Women, POC, and LGBTQ+ individuals to be actually safe, to talk about real issues, and to find ourselves as artists and pursue self-discovery relentlessly and passionately, I hope to be able to guide people through mastering the creation processes, that will look different to everyone but individualizing the process is what makes it work. Chicago is an arts and culture hub, we need to take advantage of the endless resources here by learning to share with each other and working together. Get ready to barter.... exchange of ideas is currency or can be. Open to anyone but not everyone will be accepted. I'd bet we could make better music than UMG, Sony, and Warner COMBINED with literally no money or resources. However, resources would definitely help. I want this to be completley independent and self-sustained in-house including:

1) Write, Record, and Produce in-house

2) Music videos/photography

3) PR/artist MGMT

4) Booking/promotion

P.S. (I think it would be very fucking cool for this to be an indie feeder label into a HUGE corporate label but only if it's run by YE or Chance or someone else from Chicago- perhaps Cole Bennett if he feels like branching out?)

Specifically interested in working with:

-Anyone at Lyrical Lemonade would LOVE to speak to Cole Bennet ASAP.

-Killah-Priest and any member of Wu-Tang Clan

-Chance The Rapper


-Lupe Fiasco


-Jamila Woods

Condition: PUBLICLY DENOUNCE abusive men in both entertainment and religion and demand they take legitimate accountability.

2) Virtual Book Club (World love to do this in=person as well?:

I had visions or whatever and now I know a ton of shit I cannot explain, I knew a lot before but I know more somehow now. I'd like to share that with all of you. It's important we introduce critical thinking into popular media and start the deconstruction process as well as have formal and clearly stated non-male perspectives on and in media. I'd love to center POC and LGBTQ+ voices I'll reach out to you if I find you, though I'm not on social media. Would love Noname + Drea the Vibe Dealer to lead to charge on this if they are interested but please reach out if you want to help.If the mainstream media won't allow the space to do real work and to promote topics of value then the independent, free, online press will be absoutley essential going forward. People within the community who have a platform need to legitimately use it to put information that MATTERS out to as many people as possible. The VOICE of the people will be heard, but people need to commit. Topics of interest include:

1) Philosophy/Spirituality

2) Feminism

3) Deconstruction

3) Community Organizing:

I'd like to coordinate all of these events in collaboration with the BEAUTIFUL city of Chicago with the incredible Brandon Johnson and any Alderman interested. Id love Elaine Brown's input on the direction of this. Kids need a safe space to just be kids and make art and no one should be limited to the ability to create based on lack of resources.

1) Public Free 'Worship' aka group sing-alongs basically, bring art, bring instruments, bring food, drink, etc. Led by CHANCE THE RAPPER. If he is interested?

2) Free public Kids' Art and Music Classes + Open Mic at libraries + other potential third spaces specifically in low-income communities.

3) Community Pop-ups: People need third spaces so parks, libraries, and local businesses should host 3ish hour-long events with live music, free food (food trucks), stuff for kids like face painting, arts + crafts, etc.

4) Consulting(?):

Basically, I randomly have a TON of insight now that I cannot totally explain and I'd like to share that with anyone who is interested, but the conditions are that I'd rather exchange ideas, resources, or art for my time. I will accept cash if that makes sense. Also, I can channel and see the future believe me or don't I don't give a fuck. That's also an option however I don't really want to give specifics, You email me with your questions and your barter offer and I will accept or decline and send a meeting date/link.

1) Artist Development/Music Businesses

2) Community Building/Local Government

3) Anything Related to Spirituality

4) Storytelling/Public Speaking

5) Tech/AI

6) Literally whatever


But you'll need a reference or to have been named by me online.

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