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Female Blues-Rock Trio Velvet Two Stripes Release Fierce New Track 'Fever'

Photo Credit: Adrian Asllani

Blending bluesy riffs and classic rock, the unmistakable force of female trio Velvet Two Stripes returns with their upcoming release ‘Fever’. Alluringly sweet vocals complement the powerful rhythm, making ‘Fever’ the most irresistible blues-rock anthem this year. From The Kills to Deap Valley to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Velvet Two Stripes slot in perfectly reminding us of the sheer force of women in rock music. Taken from their upcoming third album due for release this October, ‘Fever’ is an empowering track that packs a punch.

Velvet Two Stripes reflect on what inspired ‘Fever’:

".....describes an obsession that almost turns into a kind of mania. The atmosphere of the song is very mystical and it embodies our musical development throughout the years. Especially our openness towards trying new methods of recording stands out in this song. This is particularly noticeable in the polyphonic vocals, the bass that is played with a bottleneck and our beer organ specially created for the song.”

Some routes lead to dead ends. Velvet Two Stripes (Sophie and Sara Diggelmann and Franca Mock) came to this realization after their liaison with Berlin for the Got Me Good EP in 2017. It didn’t lead them where they wanted to go. The three of them aren’t trained mannequins planning to sell out their sound based on blues, garage, fuzz and riot grrrl punk at the next best occasion – or sell it all gimmicky to live up to a hype that the band will surely give a damn about. They learned from their experiences and for better results to just count on only themselves. That’s why Velvet Two Stripes released their second album Devil Dance on their own in 2019. There’s even no need for any label. All that counts is a full-blown D.I.Y.-attitude. And with exactly that they already have gotten a few steps ahead. Now we can expect their next release Sugar Honey Iced Tea on October 15th 2021, featuring nine fuzzing and buzzing beasts of songs.

Check out Velvet Two Stripe's Music Video for 'Fever'

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