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Artists to Watch: 'Another Moon' by Olivia Morreale

Updated: Aug 2, 2021



Los Angeles-based artist and producer Olivia Morreale shares the music video for her single “Another Moon,” one of the tracks from her recently released ‘SPACE DREAMS’ EP. The music video premiered exclusively today on PopWrapped. The music video is the brainchild of Olivia Morreale and filmmaker Amanda Prager. “This video was a long time coming, we had been planning in broad strokes for years to do something with one of my songs,” Olivia says. “We shot at random locations around LA — the beach, the desert, the city — and we were just trying things out and having fun.” The process may have been a DIY endeavor but the result is a cinematic watch featuring sweeping landscape shots, vivid neon-hued lighting, and an abundance of personality. “We tried to create something that would bring joy in our deepest, loneliest time,” video director Amanda Prager says. Olivia Morreale released her electrifying EP, ‘SPACE DREAMS,’ on June 11th. Throughout the record, Olivia revolts against genre limitations, drawing from a myriad of influences ranging from classic jazz to electronica, alt-R&B to 70s-era funk, and soul to bedroom pop, while still crafting a unique soundscape all of her own. Lyrically, the EP examines the ways in which escapism can be accessed through imagination and dreams, mirroring the soothing, dreamy production that underscores each song. ‘SPACE DREAMS’ was created in close collaboration with producer and songwriter Eli Koskoff. The EP has quickly garnered support from Spotify - who included the single “PARASOMNIA” on their ‘Fresh Finds: Pop’ playlist - as well as publications like American Songwriter, EUPHORIA, and Grimy Goods.

Listen to 'SPACE DREAMS' on all streaming platforms: Watch "Another Moon" music video:

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