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E.VAX - the project of Ratatat’s Evan Mast - releases a new single/video, “Always.” The track is off of his forthcoming, self-titled album, which has a new release date of September 17th via Because Music. Following “Karst” and “Rabindra,” “Always” is a slow building blend of percussion, warped vocals, and oscillating instrumentation. Like the “Karst” and “Rabindra” videos, “Always” is the third installment in a series of music videos Evan made for all 12 tracks on the album, shot all around the globe. This video showcases footage of choreography shot in Brooklyn.

Performing as half of Ratatat for more than the last decade, Mast’s music has reached an enormous audience with its bombastic merge of rock and electronic music, as well as through his parallel work as a hip-hop producer for artists such as Kanye West, Kid Cudi, and Jay-Z . His new solo album, E.VAX is a collection of instrumental songs, dolloped with moments of exploratory dialogue, disembodied moments that are equally disorienting and moving. The throughline between the songs on his new album is not a certain signature sound, but Mast’s feel as a producer. Though one song may lean heavier on snappy drums and another on the coo of an organ, they all share a similar sensibility. The songs are sincere, playful, inviting, curious, and contemplative—all characteristics of Mast himself.

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