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Alien Grace is a Feverish Saga Featuring Black Lipstick, Erratic Camera Cuts, and Emboldened Dances

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

By: Lilli Marvin

Premiering this week is a spooky new treat from Desert Liminal—their latest single “Alien Grace” is out now featuring a music video filmed as part of their residency at artist collective Rose Raft. Rose Raft, housed in a refurbished funeral home in New Douglas, Illinois, is the perfect eerie landscape for the trio’s new sinister debut. “Alien Grace” is a sinister lo-fi, fuzzed-out track recorded directly to tape—a reflection of the band’s desire to put themselves in creatively restrictive, and therefore also demanding, situations. “There would be moments of me messing something up on the drums or whatever, but it adds an element of excitement/pressure to getting a good take,” member Rob Logan says.

Perhaps the most exciting thing to come out of this release package is the accompanying music video—a feverish saga featuring black lipstick, erratic camera cuts, and emboldened dances through twilight fields. Filmed in and around New Douglas, about 45 minutes outside of St. Louis, members Sarah Jane Quillian and Rob Logan had only about eight hours to collect footage—resulting in a cacophony of frantic compositions, contrasting imagery, and clashing visual and audio stimulation.

The end product, while on paper may sound concerning, is an engaging art installation that is a perfect emblem of both the band’s sound and identity. It’s grimey, it’s crude, it’s beautiful, it’s necessary, it’s cathartic: Desert Liminal has delivered an experience chock-full of both talent and vulnerability—an intimacy not to go unpraised in a polarizing time of social isolation. Check out their new video here, and find links to their streaming services and social media below!

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