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Existential Dream-Pop Artist drea the vibe dealer Drops Final Installment of Priestess of Vibrations

Updated: May 19, 2021

Existential dream-pop artist drea the vibe dealer just released the third and final installment of their series Priestess of Vibrations with help from their drummer, composer, and producer friend Andy Bauer (Twin Shadow, Eli "Paperboy" Reed) and Chicago label Rosebud Allday.The series first arose out of the Drea Smith's (they/them or she/her) bedroom recordings in 2015 but they spent the subsequent few years completing them in a Brooklyn studio with Bauer's expertise. They released Priestess of Vibrations Pt. 1 in 2019 and then Pt. 2 about a year ago.

Drea and their label, Rosebud Allday, will be celebrating the culmination of Priestess of Vibrations with a vinyl release later in 2021 that will include all three parts of the series. You can also check out Pt. 1 here and Pt. 2 here. Teen Vogue wrote the song "Vacation" off of Pt. 1 "serves as a pulsing inspiration to put in those time-off requests and go off the grid." Jazz artist Angel Bat Dawid raved about Pt. 2 last year, sharing the track "catastrophe" on the radio station NTS and saying "soulful, experimental eclectic electric magic! drea deals out some serious vibes."

drea the vibe dealer also played Audiotree last fall and they have been scoring original music for the Gimlet Media and Spotify podcast Resistance. Before then, they contributed to Jean Deaux's track "Code," and they also frequently collaborates with the rest of the Rosebud Allday collective, including artists such as Blake Davis and Wyatt Waddell, to name just a few.

Keep up with drea the vibe dealer on Bandcamp, Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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