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Ela Minus Releases Gripping “N19 5NF” Video and Previews New Music

Today, Ela Minus releases a video foracts of rebellion’s album opener, “N19 5NF,” directed by Losmose, an up-and-coming Mexican filmmaker. The opening track from her debut album, “N19 5NF,” is titled after the London zip code from Whittington Hospital where Ela gained consciousness after being in the ICU for two days. Ela comments, “It’s where I believe my life before this album ended and a new life began.

I found that through the making of this song and video, reality was transfigured. It illuminated it and revealed its true grinning monstrous teeth. Through this transfiguration I was able to find a voice, not a discourse, but a personal voice looking for an ear or an eye to meet.

While “N19 5NF” "is glittery and dizzying, like staring at the stars while spinning around too fast” (Pitchfork), the song’s video opens with a disorienting and claustrophobic club scene, and it’s here where Ela previews the opening section of a brand new track. This unsettling feeling persists where the story moves with body-horror-esque images and an unnerving air of internal pain until it unexpectedly leads us to a feeling of cleansing, beauty, and calm.“This video is important because of my own story and the empowerment it can give to others through my way of telling it." - Ela Minus

The collaboration between Ela and Losmose felt seamless because of shared sensibilities. Shot in Mexico City and its surroundings, the video draws from Ela's real life events, using both a naturalistic approach, and venturing into a world of dreams. Ela comments, “I remember looking at the footage and thinking: this feels unlike anything I have done before. This is what a collaboration should feel like -- working with someone who makes you feel both confident about your own work and takes it to a completely new place, pushing your own artistry further.

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