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Dynamic New Artist Slopes Shares Breath-Taking Music Video For ' Prove Them Wrong'

Updated: May 19, 2021

Heartbreak, melancholia and the tantalizing promise of optimism lie at the heart of Slopes, anexciting and reflective new artist whose rich pop storytelling is this week unveiled on his debut release ‘Prove Them Wrong’ on April 16 th . Now, Slopes shares the breath-taking and utterly mesmerising music video, April 29 th .

Slopes is the work of singer, songwriter and producer Dag Holtan-Hartwig. As one half of multi-platinum production duo Skinny Days he’s already been the driving force behind billions of streams for artists like Ava Max, Alan Walker, SEEB and Julie Bergan. Now, as Slopes, he’s prepared a body of work that’s warm, powerful, and just the right amount of rough around the edges, recorded between LA, Oslo, and an off-grid hut deep in the Norwegian countryside.

Prove Them Wrong vividly tells the story of doomed romance, youthful ambition and the passage of time. As Dag explains: “It’s about a couple in a small town being told by everyone they’re not right for each other. Nobody believes in the relationship, but they’re determined to prove everyone wrong. Things don’t work out, but in spite of it all they arrive at a place of acceptance. There’s a spark of hope in the song: it was a ride, it was intense, but things are fine now.”

Slopes came about through Dag’s own experience of heartbreak. Moving to LA in search of a fresh start he instead found himself living alone with only his thoughts — and his songwriting — for company. The music he wrote during that period inspired him to start work on Slopes, expressing a side of his personality and an organic, timeless production style that hadn’t ever made sense when making music for other artists. “Slopes allows me to express the darker side that is constantly there for me,” he adds. “I’d say I’m somewhere between a pessimist and a realist — but it’s melancholy, where nostalgia meets a belief in the future, that I feel most comfortable.”

The strength of Slopes’ music lies, Dag believes, in his own approach to mixing the city, where he lives, with the extremes of the countryside, where he escapes. “Nature is the ultimate artwork and it’s right there in the heart of my songwriting,” he says. “To understand the beauty out in nature,helps me understand the beauty in other things too.”

Prove Them Wrong is just the first glimpse of this compelling new artist, with more music and live dates to be announced later in 2021.

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