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CHICAGO SPOTLIGHT: Liam Kazar releases the music video for his latest single Nothing To You

Kansas City-based, Chicago-raised musician, songwriter and chef Liam Kazar presents his new single/video, “Nothing To You,” from his forthcoming album Due North, out August 6th on Woodsist / Mare Records (Kevin Morby’s Woodsist imprint). In conjunction, he announces a Midwest tour, including two record release shows in Chicago. “Nothing To You” follows "Frank Bacon,” plus previously released singles “Shoes Too Tight” and “On A Spanish Dune.” Throughout the last decade, Kazar has been recognized for his adaptability and deftness in the studio and on stage, leading to tours and collaborations with Jeff Tweedy, Chance the Rapper,Steve Gunn, Daniel Johnston, amongst others. Aside from Kazar’s incredible musicianship, he’s also a fantastic chef. He runs a restaurant, Isfahan, in which he makes gorgeous dishes thathonor his Armenian heritage and his family’s journey to the United States from Iran, Syria, and Lebanon.

On “Nothing To You,” Kazar finds the sweet spot between indie rock jangle and subtle country twang as he sings, “I hope you don’t resent / The love between your hands.” In his words, the track“always kind of had a set-it-and-forget-it kind of feeling to me. In a good way. It's sort of one of those tunes that just plays itself and never stops moving along, like a long summer day.” The accompanying video, created by Rohan McDonald, visualizes the warm and hazy qualities of Kazar’s voice, as retro animations float across the screen.

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