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Chicago's Ifeanyi Elswith Unveils Music Video for Confident R&B Single Fefestyle

Chicago's very own R&B goddess, 22 year old Ifeanyi Elswith unveiled her first ever music video for single"Fefestyle" off of her debut album Everything Festyle almost a year after the album's release through Chicago's Rosebud Allday. Like a lot of music artists this past year, she's finding creative ways to share her music, including with this new music video shot and edited by Brain Studios. This video captures the essence of her music perfectly — namely, spending time with people you love, driving around connecting over a shared passion for music and for life.

Elswith, a first-generation Belizean-American and dynamic artist, continues to expand her creative reach by collaborating on a variety of musical projects, including her contribution as backup vocalist to wonderboy Wyatt Waddell. "Elswith raps and croons her way through intelligent storytelling with her boundless confidence and refreshing vulnerability."-Vocalo BTRtoday also included her in their round-up of favorite women in music. The Chicago Reader also featured Ifeanyi last year, writing "her impressive vocal range lets her supercharge the vivid melodies of radio-ready singles such as 'XO' and 'Fefestyle.' But it's her witty, relatable lyrics that make this album feel like an intimate conversation with the coolest girl on the block."

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