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Chicago's Free Range Tributes Elliott Smith With Cover of "St. Ides "Two Dimensional"

Free Range is the project of Chicago-based songwriter Sofia Jensen and it currently resembles a recording unit more than a traditional band. Jensen formed the project a few years ago in high school but after her band members graduated and moved away, she focused on working on her music in the studio.

The pandemic reinforced this decision, as Jensen has been recording Free Range's debut album with engineer Jack Henry Lickerman (Horsegirl, Burr Oak) along with multi-instrumentalist and producer Bailey Minzenberger. They released their recent collaboration, the single "Two Dimensional" backed with the Elliott Smith cover, "St. Ides Heaven."

In addition to Elliott Smith, Sofia takes inspiration from contemporary songwriters such as Phoebe Bridgers and Adrianne Lenker but also the musicians she was first inspired by, like Jeffy Tweedy and Conor Oberst.

Sofia said, "I started writing 'Two Dimensional' after listening to Elliott Smith’s first record for the first time and feeling inspired by the way those songs sounded. All I had at that point was the melody, and I sat on it for a few weeks before revisiting it, and the lyrics came to me quickly. This song feels so close to those early Elliott records for me, and I thought it would be really fitting to include a cover of an Elliott song in this release, both because the sound to me is so similar, and as an homage of sorts to him and how his songs have changed the way I write."

Sofia and Jack are currently working on the upcoming Free Range album, which they're anticipating to release later in 2021.

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