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Chicago’s Cosmic Country Showcase Premiers The First Episode of Planetary Access TV on March 20th

Alert! Aliens have crashed on our planet and have an unhealthy obsession with country music! The aimlessly ambitious Jerwin (Jerwin Gabriel) has set his sights on making a TV show for his home planet about earth’s greatest gift, country music. His best pal and on-board computer AJ (AJ Maroquin) search for what the genre really is, *spoiler* we never know, and who can make it, *spoiler* it’s everyone. Watch the show that has everyone in the galaxy already talking, Planetary Access Television. The first episode of the psychedelic country-themed web series premiers on March 20th.

Co-creators Sullivan Davis and Dorian Gehring have previously produced and directed the quarterly live shows at The Hideout, ranging from local comedians to drag artists to nationally touring musicians. They have showcased over 75 artists at this point, including Jeff Tweedy, Sarah Squirm, Dougie Poole, as well as members of local bands such as Ohmme, Lala Lala, Divino Niño, and way more. After the pandemic began, Davis, Gehring, and their stable of artists have since produced three successful streaming events bringing together. This time, Cosmic Country fully leans into video for performances best viewed through the medium, and the award-winning filmmaker Glamhag (they/them) brings these episodes to life. Cosmic Country's episodes will include Kara Jackson, Health&Beauty, Pixel Grip, Los Gallos, Charlie Reed, Minor Moon, and more.

Director Glamhag said, "the creative energy during filming was buzzing. It felt emotional and refreshing that something innovative and beautiful could come from the restrictions of not being able to have a live show! Planetary Access TV brings music performances to your living room but it’s different from your average streaming show.” Co-creator and musician Dorian Gehring said, "viewers have seen what it is like when we bring aliens on OUR show, now they can see what it is like when aliens bring us on THEIR show."

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