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Chicago's Alt-Country Band Thompson Springs Captures the Sound of the Desert With 'Pick Up the Sun'

Updated: May 19, 2021

Thompson Springs are doing something different for their second album during all this time at home: The band converted their Chicago apartment into a makeshift studio and they're releasing their new recordings as they complete them.

They wrote this album's second single, "Pick Up the Sun," after making a new friend before a show in El Paso while on tour right before the pandemic. A steady, fuzzy guitar begins the song with a consistent drone, creating a desert-like sound in spite of being recorded live in the band's living room. The entire song is almost one long crescendo until it finds resolve and relief by the very end.

This is their first foray into home-recording, and they began rolling out this experiment earlier this winter with the classic country-sounding tune "Fayetteville Hotline." Like "Fayetteville Hotline," their tour across the different states in early 2020 inspired "Pick Up the Sun."

The band recorded their first album, Undertones, with Wilco's Pat Sansone and Kurt Vile's recording partner Rob Laakso for the debut album prior to the pandemic, and they enlisted Sansone again for mixing these newest recordings too. They're calling this new record Once in a While.

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