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Chicago psych-pop project Daydream Review announces self-titled EP with the hazy lead single “Dazed”

Daydream Review is the brainchild of Elijah Montez, an architect by day and home studio artist by night. This single's haziness makes it a good fit for these warmer months, as Ears To Feedwrote in their premiere yesterday that it's "an exploration of psychedelic pop grandiosity with a relaxed tone perfect for late-night summer hangouts by the pool."

Elijah wrote "Dazed" about the dread that comes with anticipation or excitement about the future while feeling the urge to retreat into the past as a coping mechanism. While he wrote the entire EP before the pandemic, the past year added a new meaning to his lyrics, such as "Caught in an endless feedback loop / Slumped on the couch, don’t know what to do."

Elijah Montez began his psychedelic pop project Daydream Review after moving across the country from Austin to Chicago. While he cut his teeth in the live music capital of the world, he began writing his first songs as Daydream Review in anticipation of this big change. In this way, Daydream Review's songs are equally about the excitement that expectations of the future can bring as much as the anxiety or dread. Just as Montez's lyrics walk the line between excitement and anxiety, his multi-layered songs offer moments of clarity in between his reverberated vocals, fuzzy guitars, and a wash of keyboards.

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