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CHICAGO AND BEYOND: Montreal's Meggie Lennon crafts her songs through spirals of escapism

Somewhere in the land of uninhibited love and playful sins, Meggie Lennon is both the game and the rule that begs to be broken, crafting her songs through spirals of unrepentant escapism. The Montreal-based singer-songwriter, released her debut album, Sounds From Your Lips –out via beloved Montreal-based label, Mothland. Alongside sharing the new record, Lennon has released a visual for the album-closing track, "Lost in the Plot" The debut album arrives produced by Samuel Gemme (Corridor, Anemone, The Brooks) and features the guitar-playing of Gabriel Lambert (also of Elephant Stone, The Besnard Lakes) as well as additional contributions from her longtime friend and collaborator, Jules Henry (Super Plage). A delicate amalgam between chamber indie-pop; the ideal soundtrack for voluptuous evenings that see nuptial bodies dancing, silent lips flirting and free spirits wandering. The music of this singer-songwriter exudes psychedelic perfumes, uninhibited desires and sins, but it also conveys a mature take on love in this era of elusive and brittle romance.

IYLT: The Byrds, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Melody’s Echo Chamber, MGMT, and Beach House

Genre: Make-out/Dream-pop, Cuddly/Oniric Pop,

Sound: 60's and early 70's Psychedelia influences

Speaking about the album focus track, "Lost in the Plot", Meggie says: "The core inspiration for the song pertained to a wild LSD trip where I fell into a floating, very meditative state, completely losing track of time and losing touch with my direct environment. Not promoting drugs here but it was a pretty sweet trip! I felt very lost yet reassured by the world-embracing me and filling me with love hence the lyrics "I hope my love will turn you one" which is also a nod to 'Oh Yoko'!"

First introduced to Quebec audiences as the leader of indie-pop/rock outfit Abrdeen, with which she released the Endless Dreams and Dreamlike Mornings EP (nominated at GAMIQ) in 2017, Lennon promoted her music throughout the province, sharing the stage with the likes of Good Morning, Elephant Stone, The Dears, Julie Doiron, Sugar Candy Mountain and Laura Sauvage. Alongside shows with up-and-coming names in music, Lennon performed at the likes of POP Montreal, M for Montreal and FME, as well as lending her soft voice for collaborations with Debbie Tebbs, Lucill and Super Plage.

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