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Catty Cline releases debut EP “Scratch” our via Manor Records

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Catty Cline is singer/songwriter Anna Redmond, who was originally based out of Springfield, MO, and is now based in Kansas City. She has previously performed in Upkeep, her earliest project (with Spencer Pearson), and Buckle Up Baby (with Addie McKenzie and others). She has also self-released a few singles on bandcamp under her name. Influenced by a mix of slower bedroom-pop, alt-pop, neo-folk, and 90’s girl punk, she hopes that her music reflects her true character.

The EP represents Catty Cline in a state of self-examination, contemplating what does and does not make you happy- something we’ve all been forced to think about a lot lately. Some of the songs on this EP seem light and silly (and they are) but even so all of the songs on this EP present a crucial aspect of Anna’s personality and the way that she interacts with people as a sensitive, romantic, goofy, and sometimes angry and lonely human being. It portrays Anna struggling to be vulnerable, and that’s why it’s so significant that she’s sharing these songs with you. Being vulnerable is difficult even for the strongest of us. She hopes you can see a little of yourself in some of these songs and can laugh and have fun with others.

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