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Brijean Announces EP Release with Single “Ocean (Sam Gendel Remix)”

Brijean - the Oakland-based duo of Brijean Murphy and Doug Stuart - shares the “Ocean” remix by LA-based experimental jazz musician Sam Gendel from their forthcoming Feelings Remixes EP, out August 13th. It’s the second reimagining of a single from their Ghostly International debut,Feelings, following April’s “Moody (Buscabulla Remix).”

Sam Gendel (a rising star following releases on Nonesuch, Terrible, and Leaving Records) reimagines “Ocean,” one of Feelings' most serene stretches. "Ocean" bops askew, departing the original’s soothing sea for something more deconstructed and peculiar. Gendel's warbly organ lines, wiggly synths, and charmingly disjointed stylings bounce in and out of step with the percussion, which dissolves for a minute near the end before returning for one last waltz. "We have been big fans of Sam Gendel's work for some time now and we are very stoked to have his interpretation of our song 'Ocean' out today,” says Brijean. “He takes the song to a world we could have never dreamed of."

The Feelings Remixes EP extends the relaxed reverie of Feelings with contributions from Sam Gendel, Buscabulla, DRAMA, and Rick Wade. Brijean Murphy and Doug Stuart’s deep roots in jazz, pop, electronic and Latin spheres inform the music they make as Brijean, and these influences are reflected in the diverse group of remixers they tapped for this project.

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