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Boy Harsher Announce Premiere of Horror Film The Runner Streaming on Shudder & Mandolin January 16th

Today, darkwave duo Boy Harsher announce the release of their debut horror film, The Runner,withShudder -AMC Network's premium streaming service for horror, thriller, and the supernatural - to stream the film in North America, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand beginning Sunday, January 16th (Mandolin will host the film for the rest of the world).

Written, directed, and produced by Jae Matthews and Augustus Muller of Boy Harsher, The Runner follows a strange woman as she travels to a secluded, rural town where her violent compulsions are slowly revealed. The story intertwines with Boy Harsher performing on a public access channel. Their music scores the strange woman's descent deeper into the unknown. The Runner features break-out performances by musician Kris Esfandiari (King Woman), performance artist Sigrid Lauren (FlucT), and musician Cooper B. Handy (Lucy).

Last year, in the midst of the obvious chaos, but additionally with Matthews’ MS diagnosis, Muller started working on moody, cinematic sketches. It was uncertain what these pieces would become other than catharsis — the duo were unable to tour and making “club music” did not feel right. In Matthews’ period of convalescence, she kept thinking about a sinister character: a woman running through the woods. Together, the duo developed this idea further into a film that explores lust, compulsion, and the horrific tendencies of seduction. The movie is intercut with a meta-style “documentary” about Boy Harsher’s recording process. Being released alongside the film is Boy Harsher’s new album, The Runner (Original Soundtrack), out January 21st on Nude Club/City Slang. The soundtrack balances eerie instrumentals with pop songs that push the boundaries of the duo’s sound.

This winter, Boy Harsher will be performing live and hosting film screenings of The Runner across North America and Europe. Visit for a list of screenings and tickets.

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