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Blossoming into Pop’s Most Promising Prospect, Zaina Berri Returns with Ethereal R&B single Release

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Blossoming into Pop’s most promising prospects, Singer-songwriter Zaina Berri returns with her sleek ethereal R&B offering ‘Release’.Produced by Jean Kent, ‘Release’ is a luscious slice of 90’s R&B that boasts a profoundly personal message about love. Zaina’s silky vocals cushion her every word, and capture the depth of the song’s meaning, in accompaniment with greatly produced instrumental, inviting listeners to get more acquainted with Zaina like never before.

“Release is about longing to be with the one you love, and missing time alone with them. It definitely is a sexy song so it was fun to explore that side of myself and express my love to my future husband (laughs).” Zaina explains.

Zaina Berri has been writing songs since she was 10 years old. It was something that came naturally to her. She would write lyrics in her composition notebook decorated with doodles of cats and Britney Spears songs. But her songs were anything but simple.

When the singer entered her teen years, she needed more than just melodies and lyrics in her head to fully express herself. Since her family could not afford music lessons, she taught herself guitar at 15, and picked up piano shortly after. Fast forward to her college years, Zaina had written over 60 songs she’s been yearning to share with the world. Dedicated to her art, Zaina gives us the privilege to have a glimpse into her universe, both full of mysteries and illusions. Brimming with passion and potential, Zaina is an artist who is set to succeed on the scene, and ‘Release’ is a stunning start.

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