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Eclectic Multi-Instrumentalist Tommaso Veronesi Unveils his Sophomore Offering 'Better On T.V.'

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Previously working behind the scenes for a multitude of artists these last few years, Chicago native and eclectic multi-instrumentalist Tommaso Veronesi takes centre stage in his self-titled project TOMMASO as he unveils his eagerly-awaited sophomore offering ‘Better On T.V.’

Following on from the release of his highly-praised debut ‘Brother’ earlier this year, ‘Better On T.V.’ looks to toe the line between the bright and euphoric side of lo-fi rock with the catchiness of indie-pop to create an instantly captivating earworm, chocked full of sun-kissed vibes. Self-recorded and self-produced throughout, his newest delight looks to continue the thoughtful and nuanced rock n’ roll path with a fun, playful spirit and punk rock heart.

Speaking about his new release, Veronesi said, “‘Better On T.V.’ is a friendly reminder to both my listeners and myself to not get too caught up and consumed by everything we see in our digital world.”

You’ve been working behind the scenes with several artists and a few different groups like David Quinn, Soul Honey Records, and Chan Fuze before producing your first solo project TOMMASO. What is it like to maintain complete creative control over the project? How is this project different from other groups you’ve been a part of?  

"While I’ve always loved working with bands and artists, having complete control over this project has been real cathartic for me. I enjoy taking my time with productions and giving myself the space to explore and cultivate my sounds. Way I see it, I have the best of both worlds now and can continue creating music with other artists as well as on my own."

What has it been like to develop the project during such a chaotic and unpredictable time?

"Well my first single ‘Brother’ dropped about two weeks before the pandemic reaped havoc on the U.S. So on one hand, you could say that the timing couldn’t have been worse. On the other hand, I had more time to think about what I wanted out of the project and how I wanted to do it. ’Better On T.V’ would never have been written if it weren’t for the pandemic." 

What has that process of writing, recording, and producing all your music independently, been like for you? 

"I don’t have a set order of operation when it comes to writing. This song was special because I was in lockdown and had very limited gear at home so I had to make the best of what was available. I still don’t really know what I’m doing. I mean, I know the basics like how to plug things in and hit record. After enough trial and error, I liked where it was going and decided to run with it."

‘Better on TV’  is your second music video for the project, how did you decide the creative direction for the music video and what inspired your vision?

"This video is unlike anything I’ve ever created and I’m learning more and more each time how much I actually enjoy film-making. My director, Marcus Aubin, and I wrote the script together bouncing ideas off one another. After a couple meetings, we came up something we both found clever and cohesive that brought the lyrics to life"

Chicago has such a unique and tight-knit music scene, how have the friendships you’ve built and the collaborations you’ve taken part of shaped you as an artist and a person?  

"Well for starters, many of my favorite local musicians and songwriters happen to be some of my dearest friends. So inevitably, they all play an enormous role in shaping me as an artist and as a person. Additionally, when it come to collaborations, I always walk away having learned something valuable from virtually every session, whether I’m producing or playing an instrument."

How do you find inspiration despite the current Covid-19 pandemic, mass insurrection and political unrest around the country, and the uncertainty around the future of the music industry? 

"You know, I still think it’s such a rare and incredible thing for the whole world to be forced to press pause like this. All this time extra time has allowed me to focus on things that I’ve always wanted to but never had the time to. This is a growing process for me and I think I’ll come out of this more inspired than I was going in."

Are you working on anything right now? What does the future look like for TOMMASO?

"Yeah, I’m working on some more singles at the moment so you can expect a couple more songs and videos in the coming months. Once I have a larger catalogue of songs I like, I’ll probably throw an album together. A full length LP seems like a big deal to me so I’m going to take my time on that."

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