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Behind the Scenes: The Roof Dog's Break Down Their Music Video for Summer in Algeria

Updated: May 29, 2021

About The Band: The Roof Dogs wanted to move to Chicago after playing their worst show on tour here. While they played one of those weekday night shows to hardly anyone, they quickly fell in love in the city after spending time at restaurants, bars, and venues during their off time on tour. Since moving here from Columbus, Ohio in 2019, the band has embraced the big city’s faster pace and also affinity for garage rock and post-punk. After touring on-and-off for years, they’ve since blended together elements from post-punk, garage rock, and Americana while trying to capture the energy of playing live.

Their Sound: Their songs take on the structure of rock songs but the execution is more artful, filling in the gaps with synthesizers, yelps, or guitar feedback, like on their 2019 single “Six Blocks.” Their most recent release, the single "Summer in Algeria" backed with b-side "Devotion" from this past fall, captures their two musical sides well: on the one a-side, they clash wiry guitars against one another; on the b-side, they slow it down on the much breezier, almost country-like "Devotion." This double-sided single also shows the direction the band is taking on the full-length album they're currently working on

'Summer in Algeria' Mood Board:

The Roof Dog's walked up through the scenes from their new music video 'Summer in Algeria' and broke down the inspiration, shared personal anecdotes and stories, and gave commentary.

Here we are as the three bored travel agents. We built the set in an afternoon at our co-star Pat’s apartment in Logan Square. The set pieces were sourced from our own private collections of trinkets, things we found in basements, and things we found in antique markets and vintage clothing shops.

Our attempt at a dramatic film noir moment when the characters are suddenly driven to action by the ring of a telephone.

Here’s where Pat, the AWOL employee of the month, calls his coworkers to brag about taking a trip to Algeria.

I went on a trip with Pat and a few friends to Wiscosin last year and I found these ridiculous Oakleys in the glove compartment in my car. I took a picture of Pat wearing those sunglasses (his Employee of the Month picture) one night on the trip when we were all drinking and being silly. As I was working on the screenplay several months later, I stumbled across this pic on my phone which inspired his character. My dad told me every night as a child before I went to sleep, “Son, you will NEVER get the Alka Seltzer boy to act in one of your music videos.” Well, I proved him wrong, didn’t I?

Here we are letting the forces of capitalism consume us and animate our once-slothful bodies into money-making automatons.

Here is Pat pouring a drink on his head in Algeria. Pat was ecstatic to hear that we’d be purchasing him a round trip to Algiers to film these scenes. Unbeknownst to Pat at the time, due to being a low budget production, we could only afford a one-way ticket. We hope he’s doing okay.

The original screenplay for the music video:

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