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Been Stellar Shares the Cathartic, Coming of Age Music Video for Single 'Kids 1995'

Following up their first national tour, New York City’s Been Stellar share the cathartic, coming of age single/video “Kids 1995.” Inspired by the optimism of youth, the relentless letdown of reality, and learning to embrace the flawed human experience, “Kids 1995” distills the apex moments of our lives into an audio and visual experience.

Of “Kids 1995” the band shared: At the core of the song, a narrator longs for a more simple view of the world. By examining himself and those around him, he realizes that the world no longer holds the same meaning it did in his youth, and questions whether the meaning he once felt was just an illusion. Ultimately, the narrator comes to decide that this sort of thinking gets him nowhere, and decides to embrace the bizarre uncertainty of his life.

Photo by Drake Li

Combining punk roots with a fascination in Beat and Lost Generation literature, Been Stellar play stylish, confrontational indie rock. Coming together from all around the globe to reside in the Lower East Side, the 5 piece share their honest account of a city hyper-saturated with commercialism, consumerism, and aging cultural touchstones.

Re-telling their experiences in the city as a group of 20-somethings through the lens of parallel historical and philosophical contexts has resonated strongly with listeners beyond the five boroughs. They even caught the eye of pop sensation, Clairo, with their single “Fear of Heights”. While they have garnered notable streaming success, landing themselves on Spotify’s “All New Rock” and “The Indie List” playlists, the best testament to the band’s abilities, is their live show. Their chaotic sets have led them to sell out venues throughout New York City and in November 2019, they broke international waters at Le Truskel in Paris, France.

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