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Beast Nest "Sicko" Graces Your Ears With Love.

"Sicko" comes on Pink or Black 160g vinyl and in many bundle options. There is also a workbook written and conceived by Basu titled "Am I Doing Better" (printed by Brown Recluse Zine Distro) and a Longsleeve shirt, stickers, and matchbooks designed by Rich Love Media.

Tap into the preorder link below for and make sure to check all of the fun and cute bundle options if you fancy yourself as much of a fan of Beast Nest as we are.

We are painfully aware that releasing this preorder on the Ghostship Anniversary would bring us mixed emotions, however Sharmi was/is such a monumental force for so many people we know and love (and even people that we don't know) connected to the tragedy. Sharmi continuously placed their own self care on the back burner to help others in need, as they have done so many times in the past. Their heart is just as big and powerful as their art, If you want to thank them for all of their amazing work, a great way that you can do that is support their new album, and tell everyone you know how beautiful of a project it is. This album is needed now more than ever and we release it with love, honor and humility.

The first track, "Kim, People Are Dying" is up now for streaming on Bandcamp


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