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Austin's Deb the Desert Rat releases "Dance til Yr Done" music video in advance of new EP

Austin musician Deb Chesterman, known for her solo project as Deb the Desert Rat, just released her music video for "Dance til 'Yr Done," complete with gobs of rainbow goo, odes to self-expression, and a miniature Chicago apartment. This is the lead single for her EP that's slated for a January 28, 2022 release. Deb was a member of Chicago's Sugarpulp, and brings to this new project spooky, dark pop sensibilities.

This song is a lockdown baby, created when Deb was spending most of her time in isolation and was faced with discovering new ways to find physical connection and different forms of creative expression. She started spending a good deal of her time collaging, creating bath rituals, and dancing in front of a full-length mirror and filming herself. This idea of being able to access and create her own pleasure became a massive grounding point and central catalyst for her work. "This project is an exploration in self-trust and a practice of creating from the body first and the mind second. It’s a reflection of my joy, my pleasure, and what it means to be an artist as my full self," says Deb.

Deb the Desert Rat is spooky, dancy, dark pop music. After spending five years making rock music with her Chicago band, Sugarpulp, Deb the Desert Rat is where Deb can both push herself as an artist and free herself up to explore limitless genres and themes. She followed her instinct to shake things up and listen to her intuition in order to move forward as an artist. Patrick Riley, original drummer and co-founding Sugarpulp member, has been is a co-writer and producer of Deb the Desert Rat. He wrote the music for "Dance til Yr Done" and has produced all three songs on the forthcoming EP. Deb and Patrick met the first week she moved to Chicago as she was stage-managing a theatre show he was acting in. They're both originally from California and bonded over the practice of smoking joints while listening to albums and dancing in your underwear. They're self-proclaimed queer, love-obsessed weirdos that believe in the power of their friendship.

Deb the Desert Rat on the music video process: "It was shot about a year after it was first written, so I had even more time to explore what self-love and pleasure looked like for me. I was also feeling more confident in my artistic instincts. I kept daydreaming of rainbow gobs of goo oozing over the sides of my walls and my mirrors. I kept seeing the same scenes play out in my head and started obsessing over the idea of creating a miniature of my apartment.

So, I called my friend Aro and asked them if they wanted to make me one. Then I called my friend Matt and asked him if wanted to direct and edit the video. I am very lucky to have friends like them. None of us knew what we were doing. Our budget was a shoestring. But we trusted our guts and followed our curiosity and filmed the whole thing in my 525-square-foot, one-bedroom apartment in Avondale. It was one of the most fun things I have ever done."

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