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Squirrel Flower, the moniker of Ella Williams, presents a stunning new video for the single, “Roadkill,” from her sophomore album, Planet (i), released late June on Polyvinyl. It’s the fourth video Williams has released, following “I’ll Go Running” and “Hurt A Fly,” and most recently “Flames and Flat Tires.” In the new video, Williams is seen in a dimly lit room, first in black and white while exploring the metaphysical space around her, only to be transported to the outside world – surrounded by the elements, in beautiful full color. Williams explains, “The first night when we shot the indoor footage there was a tornado that swept through Chicago a mile from where we were. When we filmed the outdoor shots at the Indiana Dunes it was July 3rd, I could see Chicago across the lake and it looked like a floating city next to the peach sun. We drove back to the city at night with hundreds of fireworks going off all around us and on the horizon. Elaine (Tunnat, Producer) and Lua (Borges, Director) are really rare people and cherished collaborators of mine and really captured the essence of the song in this video.”

Reflecting on the track, director Lua Borges shared that “‘Roadkill’ felt so explosive and tunefully fervid, opening the gate of my summer this year. The music seemed to capture my own thoughts on how mesmerizing and intimidating nature can be. It holds resilience in the most unspoken ways, as if at any point it could just take over everything humanity has been draining out. I knew right away that the video was meant to capture the warm season. And what is the human correlation with matter in the midsts of our environment? Our hands, the builders, become a strong symbol of the space we take in nature. Therefore a recurrence of hands, flesh and the substances that compose our bodies in the world. The imagery becomes a dynamic contrast of the embodiments of nature, whether it’s in the different formats, organic elements, colors and spaces.

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