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Artists to Watch: Jairy releases new single 'Pool Floors' featuring R.I.Peter and Catty Cline

Jairy is the pop project of Kansas City-native Jared Bajkowski, acting as producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. The music of Jairy explores dissociation, hallucinations, sexuality and the despair of living in a capital-driven world via smooth, sassy and theatrical 70s- and 80s-inspired pop sounds. Entering the world of music as a bass player (as seen in the KC indie outfit Momma’s Boy), Jairy’s music is groove-inducing and always seeks to get the body moving.


The single delivers a one-two punch of atmospheric, Collins-esque introspection and a saccharine, ear-catching chorus that is perfect for basking in the sun near any body of water.

He released “Into the Morning,” in early 2020, offering a maximalist and melodramatic pop debut just before the pandemic went into full effect. Ironically, the song deals with coming out of hiding, but the rest of the year would see him and the world lying low and working on cutting more material, including the 2021 summer single, “Pool Floors (feat. R.I.Peter & Catty Cline)”, working alongside Momma’s Boy bandmate Peter Beatty a.k.a. R.I.Peterand Manor Records labelmate Catty Cline.


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