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Artist Picks: A mixtape Curated by Girl K's, Kathy Patino

Updated: May 18, 2021

By: Cailey Davern

Started by Kathy Patino in March 2017, Girl K was originally a stage name created for performances at open mic nights. Gaining the courage to share her music, Patino decided to record her first album "Sunflower Court." Released in October of 2017, the album became a staple of happy sad songs and dreamy melodies. In 2018, Patino moved to Chicago seeking bandmates and by August Girl K was officially a band. Having established themselves by the end of the year as one of Chicagos 'artists to watch' the band released 2019's, 'For Now'. Now joined by Tony Mest, Alex Pieceynski, and Kevin Sheppard, Girl K is one of the staples of Chicago music. Girl K, hometown favorites who've already taken the city by storm, continues to surprise listeners and have a lot more in store. Keep up with Girl K on Instagram, Twitter, Bandcamp, Facebook, and Spotify

We asked Girl K's, Kathy Patino to curate a playlist of 10 songs she loves. We then sat down with her and she walked us through the trackless and explained what about the song she connects with the most. Here's what she had to say,

1. Strange Mercy by St.Vincent.

I absolutely love St.Vincent, she was definitely someone that I fell in love with in the past few years. This song comes off of her 3rd album, Strange Mercy, and I think it works perfectly as the title track. It sums up her abilities and ideas for this album through gritty guitar, interesting synths, and killer vocal melodies. St.Vincent has become one of my favorite artists to draw inspiration from and every time I listen to her I feel motivated to shred on the guitar haha.

2. Dance With Me by Beau

I went to this show at the metro when I was a junior in highschool with a few of my friends, and had no idea who the openers were, but when we saw them play we were like “we have to know you”. Haha the openers were Muna (amazing band), and Beau, and my friend and I ended up listening to both of them on repeat for the entirety of Junior and Senior year. This song is the first single from Beau that we’ve heard in almost 6 years, so it’s really exciting for me as a long time fan to have them come out with such a BANGER. The song reminds me a lot of the kind of music /style I listened to back when I was writing “For Now” (album) and I can’t wait to see what else they’re gonna put out!

3. Hump The Beach by Kalbells

This is one of the bands I am most excited to see getting out of covid. I had been following Kalbells for a while after falling in love with another song of theirs entitled “Why?!steria”, and had been listened to all the singles they were putting out before Hump the beach and was just really a big fan. But this song is filled with so much clever kookiness, fun and catchy melodies, and I genuinely just want the moon and the stars for this band because this song was absolutely part of my quarantine soundtrack.

4. New Romantics by Taylor Swift

So anyone that knows me, knows I’ve been listening to Taylor Swift non-stop since the beginning of last year. I swear that everyday after I get off work, the only music that is played in my car is Taylor Swift. Just pressing shuffle on her entire discography lol so I had to include her in this playlist. She’s really been my gateway into pop music and into appreciating it more. The production in her later songs is entertaining to my ears, and her vocal melodies/lyricism is really inspiring to me. I grew up wanting to be a pop star, and having entered the indie music world I haven’t really had that dream, but she’s definitely brought up some nostalgia for me in having big childlike dreams of singing in stadiums and walking the red carpet haha.

5. Pain by King Princess

This song checks off all the boxes, great production, catchy melodies, cohesive ideas, and the vocals are just so sick! I’m so excited for the King Princess record/Ep/ whatever they plan on putting on, because all the songs they’ve put out have been absolute gems. The music video for this song is also so sick lol. I think the thing that impresses me most about this song is the darn production, if you listen to it closely it is just so well done, so interesting and fun, I’ve really been wanting to work on how I play around with building instrumentals and this song has been a big inspo for that.

6. Cinderella Pt.2 By CHIKA

I’ve never watched the Grammys, I usually just looked at red carpet looks on the Twitter and then waiting for the results of the main categories. This year I decided to tune in, and I’m glad I did because it was so good lol. I also am glad because it introduced me to CHIKA, who I first saw full on dressed in the cutest pastel green and pink outfit. I listened to her and was absolutely BLOWN AWAY. I love rappers that make me go “OHHHH!!!!” with their lyrics, and CHIKA does that in everyone of her songs. I chose this song because I think it showcases her abilities as a songwriter and singer, all around artist. Their is something that feels so genuine about her music, and she makes me feel welcomed with open arms to it.

7. Ungodly Hour by Chloe X Halle

This song is genius, they were snubbed at the Grammys bc these girls are so taleneted. They are the soundtrack to knowing your worth and feeling yourself. They are absolute stars and I know they’re gonna get that grammy next time!!! The whole Ungodly Hour album is a work of art and also the fact that they are self taught musicians/produces is so cool, I truly think there is no better than being able to have control/play a part in every aspect of a song from the get go. But yeah I put this song in here because it also gives me a boost of sera Tobin and a vogue moment haha and I’d love to share that feeling.

8. Deja Vu by Olivia Rodrigo

I’ll admit I was hesitant about Driver’s License. But I gave in lol, that song is great, if I was 17 again I would’ve been an Olivia Rodrigo stan instantly, but as I am not it did take me time. I think this song, Deja Vu, is what’s got me on the Olivia Rodrigo train now haha. I love the fun little production that is entirely pop, and I think the lyrics are fun! I think part of the appeal for me is the idea that this is only the beginning of her sharing her musical ideas with us, and with all the resources at her fingertips, it’s just really cool! To be able to do that at such a young age must be so exciting and she has me excited with her lol

9. On the Sea by Beach House

I don’t know why this song just pulls at my heart strings. It feel likes loving someone forever, or leaving somewhere forever. For me it reminds me of my relationship, sort of this gratefulness for it and how it makes me feel this sort of happy/sad. Loving someone is one of the strangest things I’ve ever experienced, but it’s been so wonderful. I’ve learned so much about myself and grown so much, and this song sounds like that journey of being given a second chance at living but this time with someone you love.

10. Sea Creatures by Soak

This song will never get old. I mainly placed it here because the intro matched the outro of On The Sea, but I also just really love this song. I love Soak. Just listen to the lyrics. I also dream of living on a beach house some day and this would be the first song I listen to When I walk along the shore. It’s truly a heartache of a song, but I love ending playlists with a bit of sadness, like when you’re bummed that you finished a book or movie you loved.

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