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FEATURED: 'Love Song' by Anja Kotar

Updated: Jun 28, 2021


'Love Song' is California songstress, Anja Kota fourth single off her upcoming EP Songs From Isolation, a series of pop tracks born out of isolation and introspection, exploring the impact social media has on young people's perception on dating and beauty standards . All of the music is written and recorded at her home, with the correlating music videos being filmed in her backyard with the help from her family. Looking to 2021 with positive energy, her new music perfectly combines Anja’s empowered attitude, bold lyricism, and stunning vocals with a bright, catchy sound. Today Anja shares her latest single ‘Love Song’. With crystal-clear production that incorporates elements of pop and a voice capable of subtle intriguing moments of raw power, Anja is a fascinating prospect with limitless potential.

'With not much else to do during quarantine, I started watching a lot of films (mostly romantic comedies) and started fantasizing about the perfect meet-cute. I’m a huge romantic and I always envisioned love like in the movies - deep and authentic, finding your ‘the one’ person in the most magical, beautiful way. I started writing ‘Love Song’ as sort of my thesis on how I view love, how I one day hope it turns out for me :) I sent the demo to my friend and producer Dimitri Morris, and a few days later, he came back with this dreamy, almost Disney princess-like instrumental that can now be heard in the song. I hope that one day I get to play this to my husband and say: ‘see, I always knew it would be like this. Love Song" is a romantic love song for summer bike rides, picnics, and making breakfast pancakes while dreaming of the person you will spend the rest of your life with.'


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