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Amy Correa Bell Brings International Dj's Together with DIY Project “Fuck It I’m Good (BV Remix)

San Fernando’s Amy Correa Bell has unveiled her latest feisty track, “Fuck It I’m Good (BV Remix)”. Created as a collaborative DIY project with close friends during the global pandemic with the intention of producing a free EP for DJs to use the world over, “Fuck It I’m Good (BV Remix)” has just the right amount of attitude to captivate it’s every listener.

Originally released as part of her debut EP ‘AMY818’ in autumn 2018, LA based producers and DJs Beat Ventriloquists, Wear Patterns and Pierre-Pyer breathed new life into this sparkling new iteration. Infectious at it’s very core, this trip-hop inspired track is overflowing with chilled out and yet uplifting vibes, dynamic progressions and expertly delivered vocals wrapped up in an hazy youthful energy. This re-imagination of Amy’s original track has the unmistakable air of ethereal bravado that is often present throughout her soundscapes.

Amy Correa Bell shared her thoughts on this project:

“I am definitely a free spirit and this remix encapsulates that side of me! This one is special because I was able to collaborate with producers that I have known since the mid 2000’s. It’s all about finally deciding to put myself first & the revelation of what music was supposed to be. My Intention with this remix is to provide a ‘loung-ey’ feel good dance mix that can be played poolside, in a hotel or after hours..”

Since making her debut in 2018 with “Gold” Amy Correa Bell has taken the music scene by storm with a consistent stream of well produced and well written releases. Originally recorded in her home studio and produced by Pierre Pyer, Amy Correa Bell and her extraordinarily talented friends transformed the already stylish original track into a 80s disco inspired anthem that is a perfect fit for dance floors the world over.

With new music expected to drop every month throughout 2021, Amy Correa Bell is taking no prisoners as she makes her lasting mark on the music industry.

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