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Amen Dunes Returns with New Single, “Feel Nothing” (With Sleaford Mods)

Amen Dunes (aka the project of Damon McMahon) returns with “Feel Nothing,” a powerful and honest first statement since the release of 2018’s beloved Freedom, and his debut release withSub Pop. Recorded in Los Angeles with co-producer Ariel Rechtshaid and mixed by Craig Silvey, “Feel Nothing” begins with McMahon’s unmistakable voice chanting “Kingdom, kingdom, kingdom, kingdom, kingdom // be a prophet” until the Sleaford Mods rhythm drops and McMahon continues “Every time I hear a story // Got no good from it.” The song, which features synths by Freedom-collaborator Panoram, gradually introduces the rhythm-heavy next chapter in Amen Dunes’ sound, before a duet by Sleaford Mods’ Jason Williamson and McMahon carries the song out. Where Freedom was “[Amen Dunes’] euphoric breakthrough … silvery and romantic, like a hallucination of the classic-rock songbook” (Pitchfork), “Feel Nothing” is a bold reflection on resistance, and a step further in the intentional reimagining of the world of Amen Dunes.

I feel nothing at all Do you feel nothing too? I have nothing to say Don't drag me down with you Some days wish I was dead Some days wish I was you Every time I hear a story Got no good from it Can't change the situation When everything's the same Still in love, just a little Aww my mind forgets You stole that piece from the devil But you know me, I'd do the same Get everyone off my back You can gossip, but I don't care I headed off one day without even talking, and I got lost from there In the middle of a show I break down, yeah Can't remember what to say Can’t shake this ugly feeling, baby, but it's not lasting He was thinking of God, when he begged them to stop Is there someone up there? You will never know she said Come right out and say it I've lived enough to sing it Come on, show em what you know You're gonna reap just what you sow Get your opinions off my back I said I'm going up the hill When winter comes I will get things done Start doing what I say See the fires off in the distance The little goddess said We may not win this one, but I predict it, son You might be a prophet There is no way to stop our big stone love Keep going up the mountain, yeah From the mouth don't come a kingdom String me up I don't care Said I've lived enough to sing it They said stop and drop him until he talks But you'll never make him say it Every time I look up to you Nothing to say The king might prevail But just for today Every time I look up to you Nothing to say Those who talk hard Got nothing to say.

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