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Hi I'm Cailey Davern and I Delusionally Believe I had a Religious Experience+ No One Believes Me LOL

Disclaimer as advised by my local police department is aware of and fully supports this project: Remember this a story and it's all performance art but it's all true and I'm a miracle and a creative/evil genius except that's not possible because I'm just a bipolar, lying, crazy, manipulative woman right? I am not a danger to myself or anyone else and never will be.

Hey, now that I may or may not have people paying attention? I literally CANN'T hear anyone who doesn't beleive me or it'll make me freak out so here are some things about me that you may or may not have known:

My favorite colors are: Purple, Yellow, Pink, and Green IDK I like them all for different things

Favorite Song: Don't have one I like so much music

Greatest Love song ever: The Girl by City in Color who I saw at Lolla in 2016 which is the only time I went to lolla and i will never go again LOL

Significant Tattoos: I Disrupt Natural Order (King Gizzard), Nobwl Soldier (The Murlocs), Hope To Lend a Hand Before the Earth Turns Into Sand (Twin Peaks, EW) LOL

Favorite book: Thus Spoke Zasthura by Nietzsche

Other books: Communion by Bell Hooks + East of Eden by John Steinbeck

Favorite TV show: The Good Place

Other TV Shows: The Blacklist + Scandal

Artists I like: Ethel Cain, Tyler Childers, + Noah Kahan

Other Artists I like: Nina Simone, Chance for obvious reasons, Noname, The Beatles (FUCK JOHN LENNON! Yoko Ono IS a LEGEND), Shania Twain, King Gizzard, Mt. Joy, Angel Olsen, Courtney Barnett, Haley Hendricks, HAIM, Ian Sweet, LALA LALA + QUEEF JERKY is so unbelievably good if you can get past the band name LOL as well everyone should listen to them they are so so so cool

Lyrics that stand out to me: "Jesus if you're there why do I feel alone in this room with you", "We ain't angry at ya' love you're the greatest thing we lost" "I don't need the meds you take just to feel the spirit move" "I'm gonna start a revolution from my bed"

Podcasts: Celebrity Memoir Bookclub + How to Talk to People (bare with me it's so informative I really think people should listen) Women at Work

People I think are really cool: Pat Brown/his son (Former Governor of California), Kanye West LOL obviously but I am not an insane fan despite all evidence suggesting otherwise I just really respect him, Shonda Rhimes, Greta Gerwig), Monica Lewinsky (Did you know me Bill Clinton + Monica Lewinsky have the exact same big 5 on our birth chart?) (also same big 3 as Lil Uzi), Roger Stone for some reason even though he may be evil I'm honestly not sure but our back tattoos feel significant to me even though he is of one of the worst men who ever lived Richard Nixon (EVERYONE BOO *booooooo*), Fred Hampton Obviously S/O the Black Panthers literally the single most important organization in all of American history not up for debate! + Yoko Ono, + Bell Hooks

People I'd like to Debate with: Noah Chomsky, Neil Degrass Tyson, + Roger Stone ALSO Alex Jones, Elon Musk, and Joe Rogan (EWWW everyone BOOOOO)

Interests: Photography, Collecting Records, Thrifting, Graphic Design (kinda), Reading, Coloring, Writing (obviously?)

Things I like: Smoking weed (this is not psychosis maybe probably right), Vapes, Marlboro Reds, Iced Coffee, Black Coffee as of late (?)

Favorite Meal: Literally any and all breakfast food

Life Goal: Give a Ted Talk, Be good enough at singing where I can sing in front of other people, write a book, and Change the World!

Zodiac Sign: Leo Sun in the 11th house, Taurus moon in the 8th house (mommy issues LOL), + Libra Rising in the 1st House

Life Path: 22

Birthday: August 14th, 1998 10:03 AM Chicago IL Cook County

Best Concert: The Murlocs at Lincoln Hall or King Gizzard at Salt Shed (RIP to the friend we lost at the show)

Clothes I like: XL Band t-shirts, leather skirts as of this year, + dresses!

Random Fact: I sleep with 3 baby dolls that I have slept with since I was a baby and I personally don't trust anyone who doesn't have a comfort stuffed animal as an adult ;) When I was a Freshman in Hs I was very depressed and my favorite book was The Perks of Being a Wallflower and my friends wrote Stephen Chboksy and got him to sign a book for me and it said "We are infinite" +.I will never ever forget that one of the kindest gifts I've ever gotten. I deleted all my social media except Instagram which I will not use because no one could appreciate the artistry that went into my project (rude but typical)

Recent changes: Sleeping better than ever, drinking more water, improved relationship with Dad and Brother, weirdly can kinda sing(?), skin cleared up, hair is so soft for some reason, I cannot stop writing like I feel like I just have to but I literally have 0 ideas if anyone has seen any of this or what the reaction is and I actually do not care at all haha.

Favorite place: Lake Tahoe 100%, Greece (Santorini), or Costa Rica!

Former Jobs: Special Recreation Aide at LWSRA, Bartender, Independent Photographer/Booker/Promoter, Distinguished Events Coordinator at ACS, Public and Union Relations Associate at a Law Firm (for literally one day LOL)

Internships: Marketing/Podcast Intern at BBT, Social Media Intern at Do312, Research Intern at The National Association of Women in Business, Marketing, and Strategic Communications Intern at CHOICE Humanitarian, and Special Events Intern at The American Red Cross

College: Associates in Arts from JJC + Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media from Depaul it took me 7 years to graduate LOL

Dreams/GOALS depending on how you look at it: Run my own independent record label hopefully the first women-run label in Chicago, start a business, sing in front of people, + CHANGE THE WORLD!

Former Jobs I wanted to do: President according to my Kindergarten Get to Know Me project LOL, Teacher, Singer, Photographer, PR, Consulting, and Writer?

Good ideas I have: Everyone/every label in Chicago music do a collaborative album with as many people involved as possible to celebrate the art + culture of the city I say let's recreate the legendary Chance/Kanye summer of 2016 that's all at the moment but I have many ideas I would like to share if anyone cares enough to listen. Also, the revival of the Golden Age of Disney TV shows and music with like those competitions they used to do was such a fun time period to grow up in and I think kids could benefit from more of that. Revive what I feel to be the Golden Age of Women in Country music which was the late 90's early 2000's but that's just my opinion!

Things that frustrate me: Poorly designed roads, non-walkable cities, people accusing me of lying or being crazy/bipolar/paranoid(?), LIARS, the Catholic Church, The two-party political system, Capitalism, White Supremacy culture, Patriarchy for obvious reasons + People making judgments about me without knowing literally anything about me.

MISC: I've never had a best friend or even a solid group of friends, so obviously I must be the problem because it's always easier to blame someone who is picked on a lot, doesn't totally understand social norms, and is really lonely.

Things I've Noticed: The idea of trauma dumping just shows how fucked the world is, people who have trauma and talking about their lives are not trauma dumping and it's a way to gaslight victims into silence and encourages them not to seek help when their struggling. It's such an insane thing for people to be upset about and get used to being uncomfortable and hearing about shit that isn't always positive you bitches are weirdddd

Fun things that have happened to me: 3 different psychics told me I would start a business with a partner but apparently that is not going to happen LOl

Less fun thing that happened to me: My piece of shit ex broke my hand in 3 places bc i tried to break up with him and literally no one believed me then and no one believes me now which is ironic and super fun for me.

Note: If you want to talk to me the only way is face to face sorry but i refuse to open myself up to bullshit criticism from people who chose to willfully misunderstand me

Other: i talked on the phone with my brother for over an hour today who said he gets the point of the project but without context, it's obviously concerning which was the point but he said I did not sound insane i hate that I constantly have to explain, prove, and justify my own lived fucking experience but hey that's being a woman in a man's world.

This really shows how people who claim to care turn their backs on you when you're hurting and screaming for someone to care help or pay attention. We consistently neglect our most vulnerable populations because it's what Capitalism demands of us that we just keep moving and put our heads down and don't cause any problems by acknowledging reality. Also perhaps people are just selfish LIARS because now you all care now you're paying attention when you think I'm going to do something insane, well I AM. It's telling the truth about people, myself, and my experience which is rather radical in a world full of fucking LIARS!!! The longer it takes someone to face me and figure out what's going on the more I share about my life and a lot of you motherfuckers well If i were you I wouldn't want people to know what I did to me either, so let's play! You know you can't be sued for using real names as long as it's true and if someone were to want to sue me they'd have to prove my claims were false with malicious intent to mislead people which is factually inconsistent with what this project is so buckled up boys because this is going to be fun! I mean hey this is street justice, if the courts don't support women I will, and unless you can prove what I'm saying is bullshit get fucked it's your word vs. mine! Who do YOU think people will believe? Also, I keep saying this is a bullshit story and it's all lies so why would anyone sue me anyway? This is performance art, it's not real I'm a bipolar crazy lying woman. Also i could argue fucking semantics all day and truthfully would love my day in court to represent myself and show you all how smart I really am but I bet even the idea of that scares you enough so I'd assume I'll be fine if not though I'm always ready for a challenge. I mean how embarrassing would it be for a lawyer to get his ass kicked in court by some 25 year old nobody because everyone just assumed she didn't know what she was talking about :) I also said any woman who comes and talks to me I'd be happy to share your story but until someone talks to me I don't stop!

Do you know what narcissists fear more than anything? People seeing them fucking clearly I posted this much of myself just so people would be able to trust me or at least have enough information to make an informed decision about me. Boo motherfuckers. Welcome to your own personal hell. Also, I would recommend to any women reading this please follow my lead, out your abusive fathers, friends, ex//current boyfriends, husbands, musicians, etc. There is nothing to fear but fear itself, the truth will set you free.

People my whole life have treated me like I'm fucking EVIL for just recognizing the reality of life + the world. I'm often asked to sacrifice my own well-being and values to exist in a world that is just incompatible with my values and I think hurts people and now that I'm not I'm some sort of crazy person, LMFAO okay? Maybe you're all just crazy for not being able to see what I see and what I know to be true. People constantly expect shit from me what they are unwilling to do for me which is just bullshit I always put other people first and the one time I just really needed someone to hear me and take me seriously everyone turned on me as they typically do so fuck that I'm gonna just stand for what I believe even if I'm alone. I'd rather be alone than surrounded by people who only care when it's easy, convenient, or beneficial to them.

You will all ignore a good message if you just don't like who it's coming from. That shows how deeply fucking misogynistic our culture is like God fucking forbid a woman to pull off an elaborate art project I mean only a very intelligent person could pull off a stunt like this, no? I mean if I'm not really fucking smart how come no man alive has done anything like this? How come no man was able to create a story like i did? How come no man stood up to as many abusers as they could in one go? Because if any man really seriously called out abuse they witnessed this 'story' would probably be less hard to believe, but that's the way of the world i guess. This was to teach people a lesson they just refuse to learn, stop fucking lying. You see what you want, believe what you want despite a very clear explanation, evidence, and my word? Guess that's not enough bc I'm a WOMAN right? I mean it's fucking nutso that you all think You a third party who doesn't fucking know me, is somehow more capable of knowing what I experienced or how I feel or making a CHOICE to do things differently.

I ask you who else would be able to create a completely original 3rd party narrative on spirituality that is not atheism nor religion but a middle ground that considers the opinions of everyone willing to participate? I mean she'd have to be pretty impressive, no? I mean find me someone else who's done what I've done and I'll walk this back but until then I'm gonna keep making insane claims about myself that likely will cause problems for a ton of fucking shitty people in the world! Either admit that I'm a creative genius, a miracle, or an evil genius but what kind of evil genius attacks the system, not the people, and tells literally just the truth? No evil genius I know LMFAO but again think what you want. I used to joke about how I thought I'd be able to start a cult, this is less a cult and more of a movement I hope lmfao but I have no idea what anyone thinks so maybe I'm just a crazy bitch talking to no one per usual. Anyone wanna test a theory?

Also, I may not be physically present but I am there in *spirit* try me and I'll find out, don't believe me? Let's test a little theory...

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