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50 Songs by Female and Non-binary Artists We Love

Cover art by Cailey Davern

  1. Born To Be Alive by Amyl and the Sniffers

  2. Spiders by Reckling

  3. Moments in the Sun by Sunflower Bean

  4. Daylight Matters by Cate le Bon

  5. Pet Sematary by Starcrawler

  6. Believer by Black Honey

  7. You Make Me Want To Die by The Shivas

  8. Ugly Misfits by Waltzer

  9. I’m on Fire by Uma Bloo

  10. The Love Gods by Sick Day

  11. Up From A Dream by HAIM

  12. Idaho by Slow Pulp

  13. Always by Fauvely

  14. Condom With No Cum by Surfbort

  15. Hotel Celebrity by The Paranoyds

  16. Siren Eyes by Sugar Pulp

  17. The Crowd by Burr Oak

  18. White Roses by Girl K

  19. Dark Side of the Party by Miss Grit

  20. Stupid Boys by Bleached

  21. Stranded in Berlin by Lande Hekt

  22. Bad Form- Sad13 Remix by Gasner, Sad13

  23. Summer Sun by Palberta

  24. I’m Holding Out For Something by Virginia Wings

  25. Broken Wings by Danielle Durack

  26. Danger Baby by Pom Poko

  27. Before Sunrise by Nana Yamato

  28. Michelangelo by Cassandra Jenkins

  29. After the Storm by Yasmin Williams

  30. Chelsea Hotel #3 by Anna B Savage

  31. Sad Nudes by Cate le Bon

  32. Mine by Ohhme

  33. Hold My Hand by Death Valley Girls

  34. € € € €^^%%!!!!!!heaven!!!!!! by Lala Lala, Batgs

  35. Starflower by Raveena

  36. Cherry by Rina Sawayama

  37. What Do I Tell My Friends? by Bree Runway

  38. Everything’s Great by Claude

  39. Ferry by Moondance

  40. Ballroom Dance Scene by Horsegirl

  41. Drink The Lake by Ian Sweet

  42. Power Cuts by Nightshift

  43. Schatze by Ohtis, Stef Chura

  44. Numb Enough by Routine, Anna Truscott, and Jay Som

  45. Traffic by Katy Kirby

  46. Big Bang by Cherry Glazerr

  47. The Cherry Song by Mia Pucci

  48. Blame Game by Beach Bunny

  49. But There’s Still The Moon by Tasha

  50. Could Be a Curse by KAINA

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