#UADEEPLISTENINGCHALLANGE. Clear your schedule for the next few hours, choose one of the five albums listed at the bottom of the page or an album from your collection, find a quiet place, get comfortable, close your eyes, and allow yourself to be fully consumed in the music. Listen to the album in order, from start to finish.


While you’re listening, we want you to think about the story the album creates in your mind and visualize what YOU THINK is happening, think about what lyrics or themes you relate to, think about how the song connects to your own personal experiences, think about what the artist is really saying, and explore your own creativity and feelings. Once you’ve fully listened to the album of your choice, write down your thoughts, walk us through the story you visualized, and/or tell us how it made you feel. 


Five entires will be chosen each week, to win a copy of either V.V Lightbody’s ‘Make A Shrine or Burn It’ OHMME’s ‘Fantasize Your Ghost’ Deeper’s ‘Auto-Pain’ Fran’s ‘A Private Picture’ or DEHD’s ‘Water’ on vinyl. The first winner will be announced on May 14th. Winning submissions will be published on the website.


Keep in mind that artists don't always get told how their music positively impacts people, and this is a really great way to show them. Remember, your voice, opinion, and perspective matter, this is a chance for you to prove that to yourself. Be creative, be yourself, and most impotently have fun. We can't wait to see what you guys have to say.

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